Terms & Conditions


This document is electronic and is based on the terms of the Information Technology Act, 2000, ("IT Act") and rules thereunder, and is published in accordance with the provision of Rule 3(1) under IT Act which mandates for the publishing of rules and regulations, terms and privacy policy of usage of the Website and Application. This is an electronic record that is generated by the computer system and does not require any digital signature or a physical signature.


M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd ("Website") is an online selling channel which has its office at B – 50, Naveen Mandi Sthal, Mainpuri, Uttar Pradesh – 205001.


The usage and access of the users of the website and its related websites, and the hyperlinks shall be governed under the terms and conditions, privacy policy, rules of the India Gate Ltd("Terms") posted on the website from time to time. These rules are mandatory for all the users such as Registered and the Guest Users.


Please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the website as the website is subject to your acceptance of the compliance of the terms of India Gate Ltd. If you do not agree and are not satisfied with the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and Rules and Policies of the India Gate Ltd, please don't click on the button or checkbox representing the acceptance of the terms and conditions such as "I accept the Terms and Conditions", "Continue", or "Pay Now".

You also should not subscribe to this website if you do not agree with the terms and conditions of this website.


If you are using the services then we will conclude that you have accepted our terms and conditions and also had read our terms and conditions.


The click action on the button, the checkbox will mean that you are accepting the terms and conditions of the website. And here are some of the meanings of the buttons and checkbox mentioned below.


"Pay Now" button will mean that are you accepting to pay to the India Gate and purchasing the following product displayed on the website.


"Product" shall mean the products that are displayed for the selling purpose on the India Gate website.


"Delivery" shall mean that the given product chosen by the user will be delivered to the specified location given by the user.


"Price" means the value of the products communicated at the time of the order of the product and confirmed by us.


"Payment Facility" shall mean the applicable mode of payments available on the website of the India Gate Ltd.


"Content" means all the text, graphics, logo, visuals, photographs, trademarks, sounds, music, artwork, and computer code displayed on the website of India Gate Ltd.



1)    Registration and Submission of personal details:


The services of the website of M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd can be used by the person as a "Registered User". As a part of the Registration/ Sign Up process, M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd may collect personally identifiable information about the user including the first and last name, address, email, mobile number, and contact details and Postal Code. We may also collect demographic profile such as age, gender, occupation, address, education, etc.


We will collect the user personally identifiable information only for the purpose of the business and voluntary registration process, online survey.


2)    User's Liability:


The User hereby affirms that the information provided during the purchase by him/her is true, complete and correct to the best of his/her acknowledgment and if the information appears to be false or incorrect then the user would be solely responsible for certain inaccuracy in the information or deviation that will happen at the later stage.


So you should agree on the term and should not copy, reproduce, or reshape any content displayed.


As a Buyer, You should understand that upon initiating a transaction you are entering into a legally binding contract with M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd to purchase the given products or the services and pay the given transaction price to M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd using appropriate payment facility. You as a Buyer should understand that the payment facility may not be available in full for some of the locations and hence may not be entitled to use the Payment Facility with respect to the transactions for the given products or locations.


3)    Applicability of Terms:


You will be subject to the policies, conditions, and Terms of Use in force at the time that you order goods from us unless any change to those policies or these conditions is required to be made by law or government authority (in which case it will apply to orders previously placed by you).


4)    Communications:


When the user is placing an order or send an e-mail to us, then it means that you are communicating with us electronically. So you should provide us a valid phone number, email address, and your correct address while placing an order for the given product displayed. We may communicate with you through the given mail, phone number, or any other mode of communication. For contractual purposes, you consent to receive communications including SMS, e-mails, or phone calls from us with respect to your order.


Your Obligations:


You shall


•    i. Read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy before accessing the India Gate website.

•    ii. Abide and agree to the terms and conditions .

•    iii. The purchase of the product should be only for personal or reselling use as the products are getting at the wholesale rates.


•    v. Do not refuse to accept the delivery of the placed order.

8)    Products/Services:


All products/services and information displayed constitute an "invitation to offer". Your order for purchase constitutes your "offer". All orders placed by you on the Website and application are subject to availability and acceptance by us and conditional on your acceptance to these terms and conditions.


9)    Our Contract:


Your order is an offer to us to buy the given product(s) in your order. We will confirm the acceptance of the order through e-mail/SMS or through the shipment of the items you had requested to us. Upon placing an order for any given product, you will receive an e-mail confirming receipt of your order with the whole details and summary of your order for the product(s). The order confirmation e-mail is an acknowledgment to you that we have received your order for the given selected product(s) and you want to buy the given selected product from our site. This contract will be concluded on the dispatch of the following product that you had selected during the placing of the order. We, at our sole discretion, reserve our right to limit the number of items and cancel any order, even after acceptance.


M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd has a complete right to accept or reject an order placed online. No act or omission of M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd prior to the actual dispatch of the product(s) ordered will constitute an acceptance of your offer. You agree not to dispute the decision of M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd in this regard.


10)    Delivery/Shipment of Product:


The Delivery of the product under your Order would be done in the given working days stated in the Website. And it would be messaged to the user through the e-mail/SMS. The title of the Product shall pass on to you upon receipt of payment.


11)    Exactness / Accuracy of product:


We had taken a lot of effort to display the full accuracy of the product such as color, specification of the products/ dimension on the website. However, we do not guarantee that the product displayed on the website is accurate, reliable, and complete. The products may get affected due to the technical stuff and can manipulate the accuracy on the website.