Privacy Policy




Welcome to the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd. Here you have come to a most genuine place where we promise to deliver the satisfied services to the customers in the right manner. We, M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd collects the data of the clients that had visited our site, and we also collect the client's data from the digital sources of information. Mostly we collect the information of the client during the account opening, registration, or at the time of placing order. We also collect the data of the customer through the means of emails, phone numbers, and addresses.


Before placing an order or registering on the website, you should read the terms and conditions to know more about the conditions that are imposed by the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd.


Here we ensure that the information, data gave by our customers are safe. We take the responsibility to secure the data of the customer that had been submitted to us during the registration or ordering process. We don't share the customer's data with anyone and would only use it for the purpose of business. The data of the customers would be accessed, reviewed, and manipulated by our internal team only. The data or the information given to us would be confidential and would be used in a safe manner. The address, phone number, and other information would be mostly used to contact the customer at the time of delivery of the product.


If you do not agree with the terms and conditions of the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd then you should not use the services of the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd. If you do not agree to follow our terms then it would be meant that you would not use our services displayed on the website.

However, if it happens then the company would retain some information about the individual to maintain a "Do Not Contact List" and would not contact the user in the future.


The customer should also read the Privacy Policy to get more information about our privacy policy and agree with both Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd.


Applicability of the Privacy Policy:-

This Privacy Policy would be only applicable to the data or information that has taken from the clients and would be made use for the following purposes as mentioned below:-


1.    Contact Information:-

The contact information would be used to contact the clients. After ordering any product, the confirmation mail would be sent to the client's mail to give the acknowledgment to the customer that the order has been successfully placed. And the other information would be used for the shipment and delivery of the product at the right location.


2.    Transaction Information:-

The Transaction information would consist of a list of the history of the orders that had been placed by the customers with the M/s Mukul Overseas Pvt. Ltd to save all the records for the future purpose and for the future reference if the customer wants to place an order again. These records of the transaction would be proof that you had paid and place the order for the particular product. And this information would also help the customers to pay quickly on the website. And after the first transaction, it would be easy for your order again in a less amount of time. It is sensitive information and it would be shared by us to any person and would remain encrypted in our system. This information would be encrypted and it would also not be accessed by our internal team and would remain stored in the system to help the customer to do the payment quickly. We advise our customers to do not to share the information such as OTP, Debit Card, etc to any person and if he/ she shares the transaction information to anyone then the customer would be responsible for the issues of the transaction and we would not take responsibility for this. The only thing we can do is suspend your account from the system to avoid the issues of the customers.


3.    Device Information:-

We may collect the device information such as IP address, hardware information, browser information, serial number, device motion information. This information would be used for the safety of the account of the customer in the case if any person is accessing through the customer account through any other device. This information would help us to identify that the person trying to access the services is a genuine customer and not a robot. In case any other person uses your account from different systems then we will notify you about the threat on the email or by SMS.


4.    Usage of Information:-

As stated above the information would be used for the safety and recognition of the customer. And if any customer does not agree and discontinues the services then we will retain some information to make a "Do Not Contact List". This List will help us to identify the customers that had discontinued our services. The information would be only used to provide essential services to our genuine customers. We promise that the information would not be shared to anyone from our side but we also advise our customer/ buyers to not share any sensitive information to anyone that create issues in your account.


5.    Card and Financial Information:-

All the information such as the transactions with the India Gate Ltd Company are collected. We will collect your card information such as your six digits or the last four digits of your debit card as it will help you with your quick purchase.


Manner of Collection of Information:-


In most of the cases, the collection of the data may be automatic.